Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Wedding

Red Carpet
Pew bow
Lucky Black Cat
Love Seat
Dining Room
Restaurant chairs
At The Altar
Went to David and Laura's Wedding on Saturday at a delightful village church in Stallingborough, North East Lincolnshire. The service was conducted by a female minister who had pink streaks in her hair but this did not affect her very nice and cheerful service. She had also conducted the service for the brides sister exactly one year ago which was quite sentimental for her and the family.
Unforntunately it rained for most of the day but the very entusiastic photographer still managed to get us all together for lots of unusual photographs.
The evening celebrations were supported with a disco and an exeptional live band to which the majority of guests danced to, until well past midnight. So tired today...........

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  1. Congratulations to David and Laura! Such hope and optimism they are embracing! -KarenLR