Friday, 10 July 2009

Wigwam for Grandchildren

Tito Cat
Wigwam done
Measuring up
Tito in hiding
Quilt blanket
Unfornunately the past few weeks I have neglected my blog due to other busy committments but have kept up to date with what others have been doing. Karen inspired me with her quilt making and therefore last weekend I decided to have a go. My workroom is overloaded with fabric upholstery samples so it also was a way of de cluttering. It turned out okay but room for improvement next time.

Due to the quality of the fabrics it is quite heavy so I thought it could be used for a garden blanket. My creativeness then took over and I decided to make another wigwam for the children who visit. For those of you who have seen my earlier blogs, I made one last summer for my grandchilren.

Once finished it looks fine and Tito cat thought it was a good resting place for him out of the sunshine. Next week it will be put to the test as my nieces are coming over with their children, Pheobe, Molly and Finlay, lets hope that the sun keeps shining.

We have been enjoying the best ever weather for quite some time now and it shows in the garden. The grass is very dry and almost brown rather than a lush green and the plants need plenty of watering to stay alive. However we are all loving it had hope we get a few more weeks of it to enjoy.

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  1. Bravo Sue! Terrific first go at quilting! Love that you've repurposed the upholstery bits! And the wigwam is just perfect for kids to hide out in. (Tito is quite the handsome cat.) Keep us posted on your quilting progress.